Classes 1st to 6th

Modern-day schooling is demanding. The load of homework and the constant pressure of periodic test on your school going children demands full time

attention. As working parents it has become increasingly difficult to monitor the study of school going children.

Working parents, despite their all love and affection run short of time. We at SWOT seek to take off burden of the working parents in matters pertaining to

the homework and school tests of their children.

SWOT with its battery of fully trained and dedicated teachers promises to look after the academic need of school going children. After the regular school

hours, as children come back home with bagful of homework and with worry writ large of the periodic tests on their face, they need professional care and


Our modus operandi

• The bus of the institute will pick your child/children from school/home after the school hours.

• Swot teacher would verify the details of homework from the diary of the child would then extend personalized care and training accordingly. SWOT

would ensure that your child is able to complete his/ her homework well in time.

• If the child is to appear in the school tests, the teacher would take care of this also.

• There would be special emphasis on the spoken skills of the child; English would be the medium of instruction. Swot teacher work hard on the

handwriting of the children

Your child will reach home by 6.30PM

1. Well planned program of teaching and highly competitive environment.
2. The courses are completed to the satisfaction of students and well in time. Sufficient time is slotted for making revisions, conduction of tests and doubt solving sessions.
3. Regular tests and their discussion are conducted so as to clarify any doubt left in the mind of students.
4. Regular feedback from students is taken to increase their level of satisfaction.
5. Monthly performance and attendance report is mailed for the reference of parents