Admission process

First of all student have to take application form which is available online and offline. Online application form is available at our website through which student can download it and send it to our office with requisite DD. Offline application form is available at our study centre and information centres. Student can take form directly by paying cash to any of our centres.

SWOT INSTITUTE is responsible of its students' academic performance and discipline within its premises only and is not responsible for the students act & conduct outside Swot Institute premises. Parents are advised to keep a strict vigilance on his/her activities and behaviour throughout the academic session.
Student Uniform* Swot institute provides two pairs of uniform for its students. at the Swot Institute Study Centre and it is mandatory for the students to wear their uniforms while attending classes.
Attendance System: -students' attendance in classroom sessions and tests is vital to their success and we have a regular attendance marking and monitoring system. The students/parents are informed of students' attendance regularly.
Vacations:- There is no long vacation at Swot institute , only 5days to 7 days during summer and winter
Student's Academic Performance and Evaluation Report :- The test performance is communicated to parents through SMS or whatsapp
Introductory Class:- Introductory classes are conducted by subject experts for the students who are new to Swot institute with the objective of making them aware about its system, IITs & IIT-JEE, NITs & NEET, Medical Colleges & Pre-Medical Tests and general Do's & Don'ts.
Motivation Classes:- To keep the students motivated on a regular basis, motivation classes are conducted that help students to ease the stress and pressure off their young minds. It is generally conducted by subject’s experts.
Students –Director- Meet (SHM): One-on-one interaction between students and HODs and helps immensely in boosting student confidence and fine-tuning performance.
Parents –SWOT- Meet : platform for parents and non-academic staff to share information on the student welfare.
Parents –Teachers- Meet: platform for parents and faculty to share information on student academic progress.
Counselling ; take special care of our students through our regular calling system and faculty and staff members regularly meet, interact and motivate students towards the achievement of their goals. The academic and co-academic staff takes care of the students' personal problems.


  • The Most Important Role in a students' success is played by the Faculty, Swot Institute have a wonderful terms of faculty with tremendous strength, coaching experience, qualification, competence and most importantly care for the students.
  • Swot Institute have the Team of faculty which have a perfect Experience, Energy and Enthusiasm to required to crack JEE (Main Advanced)/JEE (Main)/NEET
  • All the Faculty Members are recruited through a rigorous Recruitment Process which involves Scrutiny of Applications, Written Test, Demonstration Lecture and Personal Interview.
  • A Faculty Member who is new in the Swot Institute system ; is sufficiently trained in Teaching Knowledge, Attitude and Skill before getting face to face with students into the Classroom.
  • Apart from Regular Teaching Faculty members deliver motivational thoughts and tips to the students and keep their momentum up towards.

Regular Classes (Six days a week)

  • Theoretical learning consist of Theory coupled with important concepts /fundamentals, formulae and is taught through solved/ unsolved examples/illustrations and derivations.
  • The Discussion part is more of interactive type and students are motivated to raise and discuss their doubts/objections to understand the concepts/fundamentals used in problem solving.
  • The Faculty Members take help from and largely followed standardized Lecture Notes while delivering their lecture. This helps in synchronized teaching in all the batches across the course/study centres.
  • Exhaustive & detailed Class Notes are prepared by the students in the Classroom for all topics which almost eliminates the need of any other study material.
  • Appropriate Home Work is assigned in the form of Daily Practice Problems (DPPs), Problems from the Sheet and Problems from some standard/NCERT books.
  • The assigned home work is discussed in the next class with interactive participation of the students.

Doubt Removing Classes

  • The Objective of Doubt Discussion Classes is to provide additional attention and care to the students. It helps those students who couldn't understand a concept at first which is now affecting their performance.
  • It also helps those students who hesitate to ask/discuss their doubts in the classroom because of their shyness and their past academic environment.
  • In fact Doubt Discussion Class is a One to One Discussion Forum between the student and the teacher.
  • It is a regular facility available at Swot throughout the academic session for all the classes.
  • The faculty members are available in the specific timings (from morning to evening) at a specific location for Doubt Discussion Classes as per pre-announced schedule.
  • Doubt Discussion Class encourages the students to clarify their doubts immediately without affecting the performance by ensuring firm hold on the concepts/fundamentals of the subject.
  • A student feels Personal Touch/Attention while attending the Doubt Discussion Classes. It motivates him to focus on his/her target with improved energy and enthusiasm.
  • Sometimes Doubt Discussion Classes become a good platform to recover the lost syllabus for those students who couldn't take admission at the time of beginning of the course and have got delayed due to some reason(s).
  • Discussion Classes help students recovering this lost syllabus to certain extent. In case a student falls sick or is unable to attend the classes due to some unavoidable circumstances and loses some syllabus taught during the absence period.
  • The Doubt Discussion Classes are also very helpful to those students who don't feel confident in a particular subject and it is affecting their overall performance. Through Doubt Discussion Classes such students can increase their grasp in that subject.